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President of SWEA Los Angeles Film Committee

Josefina, originally from Gothenburg, first join SWEA in 2012 while living in Belgium. As she moved to Los Angeles permanently in 2013 she joined the local SWEA affiliate right way. Josefina has been serving on the film committee for the past five years and 2017 is her first year as head of the committee. Josefina is a pharmaceutical advertising professional focused on bringing FDA approved products to market. In the last years she’s worked mostly within two therapeutic areas; oncology and neurology. Privately, she loves to read Nordic Noir crime novels, go wine tasting and travel in general.


Foto av Mathilda TennysdotterMember of SWEA Los Angeles Film Committee

Minna Madzunkova became a member of the SWEA Los Angeles chapter in 2013, served in the Film Committee during 2015 but had to resign when accepting the role as Chapter President. She is a Board Member of SWEA Los Angeles and recently returned to the Film Committee with a mission to work closely with members of both Film Committee and Jury to increase the visibility of SWEA Los Angeles Film Scholarship.

Minna is a statistician and founder of a business consulting firm focusing on helping businesses navigate in respective field. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, gourmet dining and swimming.


Member of SWEA Los Angeles Film Committee

Mathilda Tennysdotter, originally from Lönsboda, has been a member of SWEA Los Angeles since 2015 and became a board member after six months. She’s serves as the vice president previous year, she’s still a member of the board, webmaster and a member of the Film Committee of SWEA Los Angeles. Outside of SWEA Los Angeles, Mathilda works as a freelance photographer and retoucher for her own company Tennysdotter Photography. When she’s not working, she likes to watch thought provoking movies, explore the city with friends and family and live a healthy lifestyle. In addition, she also loves to bake and travel.

Camilla Britt SWEA Los Angeles Film Committee