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Möte med en charmerande chaufför

JaneFörfattarinnan Jayne Amelia Larson berättade om episoder ur bästsäljaren Driving the SaudisVi träffades i Britt Kerkhofs vackra och underbart belägna villa i Hollywood Hills.

25 Sweor åt först en god middag från Eddie Kerkhofs Restaurang “Il Piccolino”. Chicken Cacciatori och hemmagjord Chocolate Mousse till efterrätt serverades under muntra former.
En minnesrik kväll då författarinnan – som också är skådespelerare – beskrev flera av Saudiska hovets beteenden under besök i LA. Genom monologer agerade hon sina möten på ett mycket målande och gripande sätt.
Vi fick oss alla en tankeställare och ville nästan inte släppa diskussionen som följde efteråt.
Om Jayne och Driving the Saudis:
Jayne Amelia Larson  is the English author of DRIVING THE SAUDIS New York Times Bestseller and People Magazine Top Books Pick. Miss Larson will discuss and perform characters from her bestselling book and award-winning one woman show based on her experiences as a chauffeur for members of the Saudi royal family visiting Beverly Hills
Q&A with the author will follow. Books will be on sale for the author to personally sign. At its heart, this is an upstairs/downstairs true-to-life fable for our global times. It?s a story about the corruption that nearly infinite wealth causes, and about what we all do for money.  Told with compassionate insights and humor, DRIVING THE SAUDIS provides both entertainment and sharp social commentary on one of the worlds most secretive families.
Kirkus Reviews:
“The engaging memoir of a struggling Hollywood actress/producer’s experiences working as the chauffeur for the women of the Saudi royal family…No one, including the author herself, escapes Larson’s witty scrutiny. The Saudi royals may have been blind to ordinary reality, but Larson, who “did it for the money,”was equally blind to the fact that to her employers, she was just a woman and servant driving other women?.Sharp-eyed and humane.”
Publishers Weekly:
“Larson reveals herself to be an articulate and observant writer. She balances colorful tales of excess with musings on women?s roles, and accounts of bad behavior with consideration of the reasons behind it. There are lovely moments, too: she developed a bond with a nanny and a gaggle of servant girls and their kindness offers a counterpoint to Larson?s often disturbing revelations about money, power, and perspective. There?s plenty of fascinating insider info, too, about the job, her charges (Saudi and otherwise), and Los Angeles ” altogether, an often thoroughly enjoyable read.”
( Webbredaktören ber om ursäkt för brist på engelsk översättning pga tidsbrist ):