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Hanna Claesson Dios

Claesson-Dios, Hanna

has financially lead several businesses within different areas; fashion, music and entertainment, she has developed a perspicacious leadership together with a broad-minded understanding for strategies, methods and tools in order to review them all in a controlling and prescient way. As co-founder and CFO of 3 successful companies; combined with the responsibility as the co-Chairman of 3 boards (SSF, WWS, Class-Events LLC) Hanna is prepared and humble for shifts and development. The economical competence Hanna has, is not only academic (Degree of Masters in Finances and Business Development), but also developed from the ongoing leadership and responsibility for all financial questions in her realm. This competence is what constitutes the confidence and safety that Hanna has in making decisions and choices for today, and the most important reason to why she is able to take on great financial responsibility.

Hanna has lived in Los Angeles for 12 years and is today 38 years old and resides now in Hollywood Hills with her two daughters Saga and Tyra. In her free time Hanna has a great interest for health and fitness and is a highly physically active person.