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Dec. 17: Yoga Workshop med Yogerei Ulrica

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Datum: 2015-12-17
10:00 – 13:00

The event is described and will be held in English

IMG_7203Being a strong, independent woman is something many strive for and others fear. Too often, femininity is defined by all other than women. Here is an idea – What if we could reach within to ourselves and delve into our inner strength and wisdom and fuel ourselves and the world from there? To be able to move from a place inside where there is integrity, love, power and clarity and not destructiveness, self-hatred and self doubt?

Today, you will:
This workshop deals with how yogic tools and wisdom-based philosophy can help us in finding independence within ourselves and how one can start to be self- nourished and self balanced fielding from our inner sacred femininity.
Ulrica will start the workshop with 1 hr yoga class where Ulrica will take the theme into a series of alignment- based yoga flows that aim to realign your energies, followed by various breathing techniques to balance your inside with your outside, ending with restorative yoga and meditation to refuiling your energies.
Followed by a workshop with a 1,5 hr lecture on the topic of independence and yoga for women. She will share insights from her own life journey as a mother, writer, business woman and as a yogi and how she has been able to turn destructiveness into a more balanced and nurtured way of living.

Bio Ulrica :

Ulrica has been studying and teaching yoga for over twenty years and has extensive experience in a wide range of different yogic systems. Her teaching style is knowledgeable, inspirational, generous and warm and reflects elements from her own meditation and yogapractice, teaching experience, life and studies. She has a Masters degree in film and journalism, lived in the US for many years travelled immensely around the world before she returned back to her native Sweden where she lives today with her husband and their two little kids.
Ulrica has played an important role in yogas growth in Europe from the 90´s on, she has trained over 500 yoga teachers and is an admired teacher, trainer, mentor, author of several articles, books and films on yoga.
Today Ulrica is working as a dramatist, editor and writer as well as teaching yoga and meditation trainings, retreats and workshops in Scandinavia, Europe and USA. In Spring of 2015, she reached the highest honor a yogi can receive when she was initiated to YogaMaster (Yogiraj) by KaviYogi Alan Finger, which makes her the first Scandinavian to reach such level of achievement.


”When you start taking yourself too seriously, the yoga is gone. This practice is all about investigation and exploration in order for light and insight to appear.”


By Yogiray Ulrica (Text  by Maria Söderholm)

December 17th, 2015
10:00 am- 1:00pm
10:00 am Yoga
11:00 am – Snacks and Mingel by Food By Emily
11:30-1pm – Lecture – The Independant Woman

När: Torsdagen den 17 december, kl:10:00-13:00
Pris: $20 för medlemmar, $25 för icke-medlemmar. Det går bra att betala med check utställd till SWEA Los Angeles som skickas till Christina Sterling, 4903 Wodley Ave, Encino, CA 91436 eller inom kort med kreditkort nedan
Plats: I närheten av Griffith Park, adress ges vid anmälan.
RSVP: senast den 14 december!
Detta event kommer hållas på engelska och är arrangerat av Maria Söderholm och SWEA Professional. Ta med dig din yoga matta!

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