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Fettisdag med semlor och föredrag på Berolina Bakery

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Datum: 2020-02-25
10:30 – 12:00

Semla Day for SWEA

Hej alla,

Youna, the owner of the amazing Berolina Bakery in Glendale, has generously invited us to have a delicious Selma on Fettisdagen Feb. 25th at 10:30! While we enjoy, she will tell us a little bit about her background.  This is the perfect opportunity to get together and have some sweets, maybe after enjoying them, we can get some to go and bring home to friends and family.  Spread the deliciousness. Also, next door is Schreiner’s Fine Sausages, a German Deli that has some of our favorites.
Bring a little cooler to take treats home.

Come and fika!
Please RSVP to

Lauren Sarafan
Program Coordinator
SWEA Los Angeles




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