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Yvonne Lindberg






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My name is Yvonne Lindberg, I grew up in Hammarby, a suburb to Stockholm. I trained and worked as a hair dresser for five years. When allergies got too bad I left and started working as office manager at an engineering firm, handling everything from salaries to telephone calls.
When I met my soon to be husband he already had a job offer in California. I followed him here and became a house wife, “domestic engineer”, for 25 years. We had two children together. Michael, works in “real estate,” he’s married to Jami and they have two girls, Hanna 11 and Sofia, 6 years. They live in Chandler,
AZ. My daughter Michelle lives in Napa Valley, where she works as a sales rep for a wine firm.
I have worked off and on as a receptionist and sales assistant until I went back to school full time. I have an associate in arts and a BA in Human resources, with a focus on elderly care.
My hobbies include spending time with dear friends, people that I so appreciate having in my life. I like hiking and I dance five times a week, something I always loved doing. I look forward to helping out in SWEA Los Angeles, where I have been a member since it first
started in 1979.