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2009 – Ylva Forner

0My name is Ylva Forner I was awarded the SWEA Film Scholarship in 2009. An experience that kick started my career as a professional filmmaker.

This award gave me the opportunity to study acting, get to know people in LA (that I still keep in close contact with), and most of all it encouraged me to keep believing in my creative talent and to keep on the hard work.

Today, after a 10-year-long journey as a freelance creative, director and writer for film projects via my company A Bird’s Perspective, I’m now Media Director and Senior Producer at PR agency Edelman Deportivo – one of Sweden´s most awarded acencies.

I have since I left California in 2009 written and directed various short films, that have been screened at among others The Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, The Montreal Film Festival, Sao Paolo international Short Film Festival, The ASIANA film festival in Seoul, Gothenburg International Film Festival etc.

I have worked as a casting director and acted in several Swedish TV-series. Lately I have taken my career in the direction of PR and Advertising.   I love the diversity of my career and maybe one day I´ll create a great tv-series or write a novel. Who knows?

I specialize in storytelling for all media, with filmmaking at core. As a Producer, I lead various film and media projects from pitch to delivery. As a Creative, I focus on film directing and scriptwriting.

As a dedicated feminist it meant a lot that I was given the Film award in 2009 by a women´s organization. I have a dream that my little girl will grow up in a world where there are as many female as male film directors, presidents and leaders.

Besides the above, I have a great passion for good TV-series, yoga, fashion, arts, literature, and politics.